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The Best Air Bar Disposable Vape Flavors of 2024

Best Air Bar flavors

Air Bar has become one of the most popular disposable vape brands almost overnight. Known for their high nicotine strengths and insanely flavorful vape juice, Air Bar vapes offer an ultra-satisfying vaping experience in a convenient, portable format.

With what seems like endless tasty flavors to choose from, it can be incredibly tough to decide which Air Bar is right for you. This in-depth guide will go through all of the most popular and highest-rated Air Bar flavors to help you discover your new favorite disposable vape.

The Air Bar Craze: Why So Popular?

Let’s start by looking at why Air Bar disposables have absolutely exploded over the last couple of years and become a vaping staple. What sets Air Bars apart from the growing range of other disposable vape brands?

Potent Nicotine Strengths

The majority of Air Bar vapes contain a whopping 50mg of nicotine salt, delivering an extremely strong and satisfying throat hit. The high nic content makes Air Bars the ideal disposable for smokers looking to make the switch to vaping. Even heavy smokers can get the instant nic satisfaction they crave.

Smooth Nicotine Salt Formula

While 50mg sounds ultra potent, Air Bar uses a special nicotine salt (nic salts) formula that produces a much smoother vaping experience compared to traditional freebase nicotine. This allows for high nic content without the harshness.

Quality, Complex Flavors

Air Bar is known for their delicious and layered e-liquid flavors using nicotine salts. Each puff delivers bold, authentic taste, replicating your favorite fruit and dessert flavors. The flavor quality beats most other disposables.

Draw-Activated Functionality

Air Bars are easy to use with no buttons or settings to fiddle with. Just take a draw and the battery automatically activates to produce vapor. This makes for seamless vaping that’s always ready to go.

Lightweight and Compact Size

Weighing in at just 13 grams and under 4 inches long, Air Bars are extremely portable and lightweight. Their small size lets you vape on the go discreetly and comfortably.

Rechargeable Options

While most Air Bars are single use, new rechargeable models like the Air Bar Box allow you to reuse the device and get over 5,000 puffs from a single vape. This provides even more value.

Wide Availability

Air Bar vapes can be found at convenience stores, smoke shops, gas stations and online shops across the US. Their widespread availability makes it easy to get your hands on the flavor you want.

Breakdown of the Best Selling Air Bar Flavors

After extensively testing the full lineup and poring over customer reviews, we’ve selected the absolute best and most popular Air Bar flavors on the market right now. 

1. Peach Blueberry Candy Air Bar

  • Available exclusively in the new Air Bar Box 5000
  • Sweet candied peach & blueberry flavor blend 
  • Prominent juicy peach inhale, tart blueberry exhale
  • Long lasting with over 5,000 puff capacity

The Peach Blueberry Candy Air Bar is a flavor masterpiece, combining sweet candied peach on the inhale and tangy blueberry candy on the exhale. This flavor sensation is only found in the groundbreaking new Air Bar Box model, which uses a rechargeable battery to deliver over 5,000 puffs from a single device.

While the flavor is marketed as candy, it authentically captures the essence of ripe peaches and plump blueberries for a fruit-filled experience. Rich and sweet peach is at the forefront while the blueberry provides a nice tart complement. Together they create a dynamic and addicting flavor.

2. Kiwi Dragon Berry Air Bar

  • Blend of kiwi, dragonfruit, mixed berries
  • More robust flavor profile than Kiwi Berry Ice 
  • Perfectly balanced blend of tropical fruits
  • Available in Air Bar Box 5000 model

The Kiwi Dragon Berry Air Bar combines tropical kiwi with sweet dragonfruit and mixed berries for a unique flavor adventure. It builds on the popular Air Bar Kiwi Berry Ice flavor profile by adding the dragonfruit component, creating a more robust and complex tropical flavor.

While the Kiwi Berry Ice is a fan favorite, the Kiwi Dragon Berry really amps up the flavor. The addition of dragonfruit adds dimension while allowing the kiwi flavor to still shine. Notes of strawberry and cherry accent the inhale while rich kiwi dominates the exhale.

3. Kiwi Berry Ice Air Bar 

  • Long-standing favorite Air Bar flavor
  • Kiwi on inhale, Berry Ice exhale
  • Cooling menthol provides smooth finish
  • Available across multiple Air Bar models 

The Kiwi Berry Ice is a time-tested flavor that Air Bar keeps going back to again and again, and for good reason. It strikes the perfect balance of tropical kiwi fruit and a cooling mint/menthol exhale.

Sweet kiwi is at the forefront of this flavor, with each inhale saturating your taste buds with authentic juicy kiwi flavor. But what takes it to the next level is the smooth Berry Ice exhale, giving your mouth that frosty fresh feeling.

While many fruity vape flavors get old fast, the cooling sensation keeps the Kiwi Berry Ice tasting fresh and exciting. This well-crafted balance has easily made it one of the brand’s top sellers.

4. Red Mojito Air Bar

  • Complex blend of berries, citrus, mint & ice 
  • Unique flavor profile keeps it interesting
  • Notes of strawberry, lemon, lime, menthol
  • All day vape thanks to cool finish

The Red Mojito Air Bar delivers a crazy flavor mixture that no other disposable can match. It combines juicy berries and citrus fruits with a blast of minty menthol for a refreshing vape that keeps your taste buds guessing.

It’s tough to pinpoint exactly which fruits are used to create the Red Mojito flavor, but you can expect to taste sweet and tart berry notes complemented by lemon and lime citrus. The fruits provide a nice sweetness before the icy exhale leaves aminty tingle on your tongue.

While most vape flavors get old after a day or two, the Red Mojito flavor profile has enough complexity and cooling menthol to satisfy as an all day vape. The fruit/mint combo also makes it satisfying after meals or drinks.

5. Super Mint Air Bar 

  • Features a sweet spearmint candy flavor 
  • Strong mint taste without harsh menthol   
  • Especially appealing for mint/menthol lovers
  • Found exclusively in Air Bar Box 5000

The Super Mint Air Bar finally gives mint fans a flavor option catered specifically to them. It forgoes the popular icy menthol cooling agents found in flavors like Cool Mint and instead delivers a sweet, candy-like spearmint flavor.

From first inhale, you’ll notice the sweet spearmint taste that resembles a piece of minty candy melted on your tongue. The sweetness helps counter the natural bitterness of mint flavors for smooth, delicious puffs.

For mint and menthol lovers not fond of the harsh cooling sensation from menthol, Super Mint is a dream come true. The sweet mint profile offers a strong mint nic hit without the cough.

6. Strawberry Mango Air Bar  

  • Delicious mix of strawberry and authentic mango
  • Mango dominates inhale, strawberry on exhale 
  • Available in 5000 puff Air Bar Box
  • Lower nicotine options in Air Bar Max

Strawberry and mango is a flavor combo made in vaping heaven, and Air Bar does it justice in the Strawberry Mango flavor. Sweet strawberry provides an undertone that perfectly complements the authentic mango taste.

Unlike other mango flavors that use artificial flavoring, the Strawberry Mango Air Bar tastes like the real thing. You’ll get that true mango flavor on the inhale along with hints of strawberry in the background.

We personally love the Air Bar Box edition with its massive 5000 puff capacity. But for those looking for lower nicotine, the Strawberry Mango Air Bar Max offers 1.2% and 0% nicotine options.

7. Watermelon Ice Air Bar

  • Watermelon vape with icy menthol finish
  • “Lush ice” e-liquid flavor profile  
  • Clean, crisp and refreshing vape
  • Available across multiple models

You really can’t go wrong with the combination of watermelon and icy menthol, aka the “lush ice” flavor profile that’s taken over vaping. It balances sweet watermelon with a blast of frosty mint on the exhale.

The Watermelon Ice Air Bar delivers juicy watermelon candy flavor on the inhale before your mouth is greeted with chilling menthol. The melon flavor really pops, tasting like a watermelon Jolly Rancher. 

In a sea of overly-sweet or artificial watermelon vapes, this is easily one of the best out there. The icy exhale prevents the melon flavor from getting old, leaving your mouth feeling fresh.

Finding Your Next Favorite Air Bar

With new flavors constantly being released, Air Bar gives vapers an awesome selection to suit any taste preference. Hopefully this detailed breakdown of the top Air Bar flavors helps you select an amazing new disposable vape to become your daily driver. 

Between their easy draw-activation, portable size, and outstanding nic salt flavors, Air Bars deliver one of the most satisfying disposable vaping experiences on the market today. With so many tasty varieties like mango, blueberry, and strawberry to choose from, you’re sure to find a new favorite that you think is one of the best air bar flavors. The wide range of flavors makes it easy to switch between them and find your perfect vape.

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